“The EU non-fuel ethanol industry: challenges and opportunities”


Mr. Hubert de Biolley

Secretary General of iEthanol

Hubert de Biolley has made his entire career in the ethanol trade and distribution industry. From 1992 to 2002, he grew EU distribution operation and became head trader of a large Belgian ethanol trading firm. In 2003, he co-founded Vertical and managed the company from startup to world leader in ethanol trading and distribution (over 900’000 CBM/Year) until its takeover in 2011 by Raizen.

Since 2012 he is shareholder and Business Director of a family company created in 1856, KWST GmbH, located in Hannover (Germany). It is today one of the leading independent processor and distributor of ethanol in NW Europe. He is also active as independent consultant for ethanol trade and distribution, and is the Secretary General of iEthanol, the EU non fuel ethanol Association.

Date:: Tuesday May 23rd