Andreas Bodenmüller

Head of Trade
Verbio Vereinigte BioEnergie AG

“Congratulations to the DROPET team – the DROPET conference has become the most important conferences for traders in the Bioethanol industry“

Elliott Barchilon

Trader – Light Products

“Marbella Dropet Ethanol conference is by far the best and most appreciated conference of the industry”.

Eduardo Ahouagi

Global Ethanol Trader
Sucden Geneva SA

“The best thing about the conference (apart from the excellent setting of course and high quality presentations) is the networking opportunity it provides. It attracts high-standing participants from leading countries in the sector, which is one of the key reasons why I try to attend to it yearly”.

Ciaran McArdle

Comercial Director
Pannonia Ethanol Zrt

“The Dropet conference over the past few years provide excellent opportunities for networking with market participants in the European ethanol industry.  All sessions were very informative and well presented by excellent speakers. The setting and organization of the events were excellent, and I look forward to attending future events in the coming years”.

Andrea Valerio

President and CEO
VERBIO North America

“I have wonderful memories of those days in Marbella, where there was a (still unmatched in other experiences) mix of work focus as well as  “bonding” with other market stakeholders.

The Dropet team was able to create a “perfect blend” organizing very focused info sessions, with experienced presenters, and coupled them with 1-1 meeting sessions. Last but not least, they added the right amount of “extra time” together to be able to socialize and become more “personal” with counterparts who, all in all, are part of our daily lives via the commercial / trading activities.

Needless to say, especially after this crazy lock-down period, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to repeat this experience and look forward to meeting so many friends back again”.

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