Tannia Marinado

Head of industrial Biofuels and Feed


I appreciate the conferences organized by Dropet in Marbella, they are very concentrated and provide great opportunities to network as all key players are in attendance. Previous editions have been very well organized. Thanks to the whole Dropet team!“.

David Corgo

Biofuels Trader


“Excellent conference, well organized. The presentations covered a niche set of topics and yet were all connected by common interests and very informative. The socializing opportunities were outstanding”

Engelbert Vilanova

Biofuels Manager – Europe & Africa


“Looking back on all biofuel conferences I attended this year I would recommend Dropet’s conference. The focus is definitely on networking, coupled with biofuels market update presentations. The sunny south of Spain and amazing venue allows perfect socializing oppportunties to establish new connections with producers, traders and end-users. Many thanks to the Dropet team, the organization of this conference is unique. Looking forward for next years one”.

Yury Chaus

Biofuels Supply & Trading Director


“I’ve had the privilege of attending various industry conferences, but the Dropets’ Biofuels Conference stands out as a truly exceptional event. Year after year, it consistently delivers a unique blend of business networking, insightful conference sessions, and a wonderful atmosphere the Andalusia – my favorite region of Spain”.